Sold! GEDmatch partners with forensic site Verogen

It is time to head to GEDmatch again for updated terms of service.

Most people at this point who have even a passing interest in genealogy have heard of the site GEDmatch. The site focuses on the DNA aspect of genealogy and allows users of the different testing sites to upload raw DNA information for comparison against other users in the system. It is a powerful and useful tool in any genetic or forensic genealogist tool box.

GEDmatch has made a lot of waves in the news the last couple of years because of the use of forensic genealogy to in several publicized cases such as the Golden State Killer. There has been a lot of back and forth about the use of the information on the site for the purpose of solving crimes and how to manage privacy issues. Likely because of all the involvement of legal issues in recent months, the creators of GEDmatch have sold the site.

GEDmatch is now owned and operated by Verogen, a company that specializes in forensic DNA and works with law enforcement. As of December 9, 2019, if you wish to continue using GEDmatch you must go agree to updated terms of service. The site promises to protect customer information, but everyone will need to weigh the value of that statement for their own benefit. I will opt in. For me the benefit outweighs any personal risks to me. I do so with the belief that my DNA might identify a unidentified person or solve a crime.

Do you use GEDmatch? Will you continue to use the service with the latest change? Are there any sites out there that come close to offering what GEDmatch provides? Sound off in the comments about the latest happenings with GEDmatch.

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Carrie Brown

Carrie Brown is a genetic genealogist, hobby blogger, and long-time history enthusiast with a passion for genealogical research. Currently she is working on her degree in business from Western Governors University. Carrie is a member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy and volunteers her time as a research volunteer for

5 thoughts on “Sold! GEDmatch partners with forensic site Verogen”

    1. I’m opting in. I think the benefits outweigh the risks for me but it is definitely something people have to consider carefully. I do think it will have a big impact on the number of people using the site and eventually I suspect it will become costly. I’m sad to say I fear this is a slow slope of death for GEDmatch as we know it. I hope I am proven wrong.

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      1. Unfortunately I think you are correct. There’s too much opportunity to make money for anyone to leave it on the table. I hope that one of the testing companies makes it easy enough to upload from other sites so that GEDmatch becomes unnecessary. As it is, most (except Ancestry—GRRRR) do allow uploads from other testing sites and in some ways are more user friendly than GEDmatch.

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      2. If ancestry would add a chromosome browser my life would be complete. All my search angel adoptee cases are worked on ancestry and it makes it twice as difficult without a chromosome browser.

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