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My daughter has recently started her foray into blogging. She is a wife and college student with 3 children of her own who lives several states away.

As part of family history month I asked her to allow me to post to her blog about family history month and requested she sit down with the oldest grandson and draw his first family tree.

I’m not going to lie…I hope I get it wrapped up as a holiday gift this gift giving season.

Head on over and check out my guest blog on Learning Mama on how to celebrate family history month.

Celebrate Family History

In 2001 Congress named October National Family History Month

With the holiday season approaching this is the perfect time to start considering family history projects.

This time of year presents opportunities for both recording today’s moment’s for future generations and for discovering information from days long past.

With many families gathering for holiday celebrations over the next few months one of the best ways to document your own family history is to take photos. Even if it is only ONE photograph of your holiday celebration and your Aunt Mildred loudly complains the entire time because she HATES having her photo taken. Get that photograph. Someday someone will be delighted that you took a moment to record that moment in time.

While you are there get Aunt Mildred to tell some stories of when she was younger. Was she at Woodstock in the summer of ’69? The holiday season provides countless opportunities to learn about the history of your relatives and discover things that you never knew. That interest will probably put a certain spark in old Aunt Mildred’s eye because someone took the time to ask. Or….she may smack you with a shoe for digging up the past. There is only one way to find out. Either case will make a great story for generations to come.

Another thing to consider this time of year is the popularity of genealogy in the United States today. It is one of the most popular hobbies today.

Family history themed gifts can be an excellent choice for the hard to shop for person and there are options that fit every budget.

Some great gift giving ideas could be buying a DNA test through one of the testing companies, a framed hand drawn family tree or family portrait from a younger family member to a grandparent, a photo book of family photos, etc. Just be mindful that gifts along this theme can be tear jerkers so get the family photo before you give it!

Have you ever given a family history themed gift?

Happy National Family History Month!